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Precedents In Architecture

Roger H. Clark, FAIA & Michael Pause, Ph.D
This book is a valuable collection of precedent studies which explain ways to look at the organizing principles of architecture. The diagramming principles used are explained and then supported with studies of architectural works across centuries of practice. It is a one of a kind resource for learning to understand the complexities of architectural form and composition. Buy This Book
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    JPA PicI am an architect and graphic/web designer living and working in Myrtle Beach, SC and I love to build things. My time is currently shared between architecture and graphic/web design.

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    Grace in typography comes of itself when the compositor brings a certain love to his work. Whoever does not love his work cannot hope that it will please others.Jan Tschichold
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    How To Be A Graphic Designer Without Losing Your Soul by Adrian Shaughnessy

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