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On a personal note

I love my wife and the beach,
and I like to build things. (You can quote me on that.)

Drawing, creating and building have been a part of my world since I could pick up a crayon and connect two Lego® blocks. I’m still drawing and building, even with Legos, thanks to my lovely wife buying me their new architecture series. Always curious and a learner, I have studied theology and design and continue to take in as much information as possible.

Architectural design and the structure of that discipline have always been of great interest to me. The experience of spaces greatly influences my design aesthetic. It is my belief that the experience and usability of a design goes well beyond visual experience.

Although I grew up along the South Carolina coast, I’ve been fortunate to travel and live in several different locations. Every time I travel I want to photograph the regional architecture and every sign that catches my eye. It seems like there is no end to possible structural and typographic combinations.

This site is home to some of my thoughts, work, favorite quotes and a selection of my personal library. The writing section is inspired by the blog of the exceptional designer Jason Santa Maria. I am inspired by his implementation of print design elements into the web. Anything I have done here, he has done better.

Feel free to reach out. I always enjoy conversation about design and the creative process.