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Santo Domingo de Bonaval Park Visitor’s Center

Our semester ended with a final project – to design a Visitor’s Center on a location of our choice on the site we analyzed in the previous assignment. The design was based on the analysis of the site and understanding the story of the place.

This particular design location was on an area of the site that is currently undeveloped. In the process of diagramming I noticed that the circulation path of the site was interrupted at this particular location. The design attempts to complete that path and create a place that presents an introduction to the history of the place with views that connect to the site and to the context of the city beyond.

Process sketches for final scheme
Visitors-Center-Final-Model-1 Visitors-Center-Final-Model-2 Visitors-Center-Final-Model-4 Visitors-Center-Final-Model-5 Visitors-Center-Final-Model-7 Visitors-Center-Final-Model-8 Visitors-Center-Final-Model-19
Final model (Basswood, walnut, chipboard, cardboard and acrylic)