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Formation and Transformation Review

The second project of the semester was a formal study where we were given three forms — two with fixed and one with variable dimensions — with the task of defining a words to describe how they were to be related and transformed. I chose “Interlock” for my formal definition and “Fold” as the operative word used to transform the related volumes.

In addition to the gathering of precedent images to accompany the definitions, the overall project consisted of a lot of process models (twenty to be precise), diagramming (using the analysis tools from the first project) and photographing the composition along with a charcoal drawing representing the lighting conditions within the forms.

Transformation project review
Transformation project presentation board (Download full size)
Transformation project diagrams (Download full size)
transformation-final-1 transformation-final-6 transformation-final-7 transformation-final-10 transformation-final-11 transformation-final-12
Transformation final model (Basswood, chipboard and cardboard)
Transformation atmospheric charcoal drawing