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Multi-Family Affordable Housing

I found this quote presenting the complexity of designing affordable housing during the research portion of the semester and referenced it throughout the design process:

“This is particularly true in the area of housing where one is dealing with social and spatial issues, and issues of the economy and technology, issues of the street and urban space, play and leisure, and security.

All of these things have to be solved.

If one can explicitly state these issues in a way that is acceptable to people, you can begin to understand the layers of meaning and the problems which you’ve set yourself to solving.”

Adele Naudé Santos in Perspecta, Vol. 28, Architects. Process. Inspiration.
Final presentation board (Download the full size version)
View along Hargett Strett
View from public into private courtyard
Interior view of two-story unit facing city
Interior view of two-story unit facing courtyard
Southern elevation along Hargett Street
Three-dimensional detail of construction assembly