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Museum of the City

We developed our chosen scheme for the final review and produced plans, sections and perspectives of the design along with a final 1/6″ scale model. After much sketching, building and decision making it was great to see the final results of the design process.

Jeremy_Alford_Final_Presentation_1_web Jeremy_Alford_Final_Presentation_3-web Jeremy_Alford_Final_Presentation_2_web
Final presentation drawings
Jeremy_Alford_Final_In_Context_1_web Jeremy_Alford_Final_In_Context_2_web
1/16″ scale final model in context
Jeremy_Alford_Final_Isolated_4_web Jeremy_Alford_Final_Isolated_combined_web Jeremy_Alford_Final_Isolated_8_web Jeremy_Alford_Final_Isolated_10_web Jeremy_Alford_Final_Isolated_7_web
1/16″ scale final model