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NCMA Performing Arts Center Final Review

Comprehensive studio culminated with a final review which covered all aspects of what was studied this semester. The performing arts center project went further than any previous studio project, moving from site analysis all the way to building details. It was a challenge to maintain the pace, and, in the end, it is hard to believe so much ground was covered in only 16 weeks.

Final presentation board (Download the full size version)
Site plan
NCMA-PAC-Section-Facing-South NCMA-PAC-Section-Facing-North
Longitudinal sections
Entry view from Blue Ridge side
Upper level looking out to park
Entry view from Art Park
Alford-NCMA-PAC-Full-Model-1 Alford-NCMA-PAC-Full-Model-2 Alford-NCMA-PAC-Full-Model-3
Final model (Basswood, pine, cherry, chipboard, butterboard, acrylic and styrene)
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