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NCMA Performing Arts Center Section Model

By far the most complex and detailed model I have ever built, this 3/8″ scale sectional model focuses on the layers and threshold on the art park entry side. It is a portion of the smaller 1/8″ model and cuts through the entry volume.

Even though I moved away from exposed structure in the final design iteration, this model was a study in how to create an enclosure while expressing the structural characteristics of the design.

Alford-NCMA-PAC-Detail-Model-1 Alford-NCMA-PAC-Detail-Model-2 Alford-NCMA-PAC-Detail-Model-3 Alford-NCMA-PAC-Detail-Model-4 Alford-NCMA-PAC-Detail-Model-5 Alford-NCMA-PAC-Detail-Model-6 Alford-NCMA-PAC-Detail-Model-7 Alford-NCMA-PAC-Detail-Model-8 Alford-NCMA-PAC-Detail-Model-10 Alford-NCMA-PAC-Detail-Model-9 Alford-NCMA-PAC-Detail-Model-11 Alford-NCMA-PAC-Detail-Model-12
3/8″ scale section detail model