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Pinwheel Stool

Our second project in Technology Studio was the design of a stool. This project was intriguing because we were working at full scale and had to consider human proportions in our designs. My exploration led me to several possible options for the design and I chose a design that was influenced by Japanese joinery.

Process sketches
Study models

The stool does not have any bolts or screws and is held together with joints and wood glue. Thanks to Kim for making the cushion!

The pinwheel design presented a few structural and functional challenges, but with the help of my professor, Wayne Place, who encouraged several study models to explore the problem. It turned out that the element in the center locks the whole structure together.

Final-Stool-2 Final-Stool-3 Final-Stool-4 Final-Stool-5 Final-Stool-6 Final-Stool-7
Final stool (poplar)