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Moving forward

Well, I have some news… and no, Kim and I are not having a baby! This summer we are moving from our beloved home by the beach to Raleigh, NC as I begin grad school in the fall at the NC State College of Design.

Since I was young it has been my dream to practice architecture. When I was nine, my dad drew the plans for what would become our new house and as I saw the complete process first hand — from those first drawings to sitting in my new room — I was hooked. Art was always a part of my life, but after that event it had a focus.

However, my journey didn’t lead directly into the field, in fact, I went in another direction entirely. After almost seven years of doing music for churches (in Southern California and Southwest Virginia), I resigned to attend college for art and graphic design at Coastal Carolina University. I have always loved building things and thankfully found my way into web design after graduation. There are many correlations between web design and architecture and I anticipate studying architecture from a perspective which focuses on visual communication and user-experience.

It is my desire to be a multi-disciplinary designer, and while in school I will continue in a limited scope to design and build web sites with the incredible team at Coalesce. I want to merge my love for the web and typography with the study and practice of architecture.

So, that’s what is next in my life. If you’d like to keep up with my academic adventure, I’ve created an ArchJournal on this site to chronicle my journey through grad school. Here’s to moving toward dreams…

Photo by Nicholas Gilbert

Published June 18, 2011